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Water Meter Test System

Water Meter Test System

Completed project

Systems for the rapid testing of water meters.

A company that cannot be named for confidentiality reasons recently built several systems for the rapid testing of their water meters. They asked us to supply the control software for the systems.

We have developed 2 variants of the program for the company and one for a subsidiary.  Over 1.5 million water meters have been tested with the software so far.

Feature Summary

  • Test of domestic water meters approximately 100 times faster than with the previous method.
  • Automatic and manual processes
  • Approximately 70 configurable parameters make the program very flexible
  • Reading of test specs from Excel
  • Complex mathematical formulae used to minimise test time
  • Saving of results to an Informix database
  • Comprehensive automated system checks
  • Charting of historical calibration data
Water Meter Test System