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LabVIEW Training, Tailored to Your Needs

Master LabVIEW Programming with Bespoke Training

Tailored to Your Needs, from Europe's First Certified LabVIEW Instructor

Do you want your LabVIEW programmers to be highly skilled, working efficiently and effectively?  Are you facing difficult coding problems?

With 28 years of LabVIEW experience in a wide range of industries, including providing training on behalf of National Instruments, our lead programmer Tim Fellows is the perfect choice to provide your training needs.

Our Expert Training Covers a Wide Range of Topics

Our expert training covers a wide range of subjects and areas. We use top tips, tailored techniques, toolkits, and templates to provide custom solutions for your LabVIEW problems. We offer training at all levels, providing the best quality continuing professional development for your programmers, enabling you to increase your competitive advantage.

Foundation 1 (3 Days)

  • Introduction
  • The LabVIEW Environment
  • Introduction to the VI Front Panel
  • Introduction to the VI Block Diagram
  • Opening, Running, Stopping and Saving VIs
  • Data Types
  • The For Loop
  • The While Loop
  • The Case Structure
  • The Sequence Structure
  • Basic Structure of a Program
  • The Diagram Disable Structure
  • The Event Structure
  • Characteristics of All Structures
  • Timing Functions
  • SubVIs
  • Array Handling

Foundation 2 (2 Days)

  • String Handling
  • Number Handling and Maths Functions
  • Boolean Logic and Comparison Functions
  • Clusters, Cluster Handling and Error Clusters
  • File Handling
  • Properties and Methods
  • Waveform Charts
  • Graphs
  • Local Variables
  • Global Variables

Intermediate (3 Days)

  • More on Event structures
  • State Engines
  • Custom Controls
  • The LabVIEW Project (incl The Conditional Disable Structure)
  • Code Running Efficiency
  • Use Interface Design
  • Code Robustness
  • Troubleshooting
  • Code Readability and Maintainability

Advanced (2 Days)

  • Better Error Handling
  • Reentrancy and Dynamic Calling of VIs
  • ActiveX, including Variants
  • Data Manipulation
  • Making Your App Configurable
  • Control Algorithms and Methods

Additional areas according to your needs

Data Acquisition (½ Day)

  • Data Acquisition 1
  • Data Acquisition 2

Serial Communications (½ Day)

  • Serial Communications 1
  • Serial Communications 2

Ethernet Communications (½ Day)

  • Ethernet Communications 1
  • Ethernet Communications 2

Motor Control (½ Day)

Vision (½ Day)

LabVIEW Real Time (½ Day)

LabVIEW FPGA (½ Day)


Comprehensive Support Throughout Your Training Journey

Here’s what you can expect from a LiveWires Training Course:

Maximize Efficiency

Maximize Efficiency

Learn professional techniques and tips to become highly skilled in LabVIEW programming, allowing you to streamline your development process and complete projects faster.

Error-Free Code

Error-Free Code

Avoid time-consuming wrong paths and reworking code by mastering code robustness, efficiency, readability, and maintainability. Produce clean and error-free code from the start.

Simplify Maintenance

Simplify Maintenance

Make your code more concise, logical, and efficient, simplifying long-term maintenance. Save time and avoid headaches when making updates or modifications.

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

Save significant time and increase profitability with our LabVIEW training. Learn efficient programming techniques that optimize your workflow and allow you to accomplish more in less time.

Enhance User Experience

Enhance User Experience

Master user interface design to create intuitive and visually appealing LabVIEW programs. Improve customer satisfaction by delivering software with a polished and user-friendly interface.

Reliable Communication

Reliable Communication

Learn how to communicate effectively with devices, instruments, sensors, and other applications such as Excel and Word. Ensure seamless data exchange and integration within your LabVIEW projects.

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