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LabVIEW Freelance Contractor

As experienced LabVIEW Freelance Contractors, here at LiveWires Automation, we can assist you with all your LabVIEW needs. Qualified with over 28 years experience, we are dedicated to offering all our customers the highest levels of service.


A Problem with Some LabVIEW Contractors

At LiveWires, we see a huge problem in the contracting world at the moment. Many LabVIEW contractors offer their services at seemingly reasonable rates, but then take many months or even years to complete projects.

This may be due to a lack of relevant experience or because they think it is in their best interests that the project takes more time rather than less. Unfortunately, some LabVIEW contractors can also take advantage of the fact that other staff do not understand what they are doing.

We think that this is scandalous, because many engineering companies are being penalized heavily and some are coming to the conclusion that “it is just not worth it”.


What We Think

Here at LiveWires Automation, we pride ourselves on taking a different approach. We value transparency and aim to provide all our clients with both a high quality and cost-effective service.  We won’t make a mountain out of a molehill!

Since we started in 1999, we have generally preferred to work to a fixed price, as we feel that this gives our customers the security of knowing the “bottom line”. This also encourages full project planning at the start which often saves a lot of time and effort in the long run. We also provide our clients with a pretty good estimate of the timescale of the work at the outset of a project.

However, there are some occasions when it is very hard to define the scope of the software at the start. In these instances, work has to be done on a per-hour basis. We have several longstanding customers for whom we often work at a fixed price, but who also sometimes ask us to work as “LabVIEW contractors”, paid at an hourly rate.


Premier LabVIEW Contractors

As highly skilled LabVIEW contractors, we can assist you at all stages of your project from the initial project planning and software design, right through to the testing and implementation stages, and can help streamline this process for you.

For more information about our LabVIEW contractor services, or to discuss your individual requirements, get in contact today.

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