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Quality Programming – Is It Worth It?


Quality Programming – Is It Worth It?

Quality Programming – Is It Worth It?

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Here is a scenario we are probably all familiar with.  This story had a happy ending!

Here at LiveWires, we used to have a rented property and for two and a half years, we had problems with the fridge.  It was an expensive fridge but ice was building up at the back and every six weeks or so, I would have to hack out a large bowl full of the stuff.  This meant emptying food, getting on my knees and using a knife and hairdryer to get the ice out bit by bit. The rental agent sent an appliance specialist to try to fix the problem.

Quality Programming – Is It Worth It?

He was mystified and tried various things over a long period of time, but to no avail.  On about his 6th visit (a month or so ago), he replaced some sensors and this fixed the ice problem but the fridge was then too warm and was flashing an error code.  Food started going off much too fast.  Eventually the rental agent called in a expert who showed me what a poor job the appliance specialist had done with the sensors (they were wrapped in parcel tape and some were in the wrong positions).  After a couple of hours, the expert had sorted out the sensors and the fridge finally worked properly.

This reminded me of the programming world.  It’s tough because the cheap option is so appealing, but in the long term it usually turns out considerably slower and more expensive.  It reminds me of a saying I saw recently:

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

If you are wondering about the quality of the work we do here at LiveWires, there are a few things you can do:

  • take a look at some of our Completed Projects
  • talk with us about what you are doing.  You’ll soon get a gut feeling about us!
  • feel free to ask for a reference or two!