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Other Completed Projects

Other Completed Projects

Completed project

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Details of these projects are available on request.

  • A program for the development of infrared measurement algorithms
  • A program for vibration analysis in ships
  • A program for the testing of drug delivery devices
  • A program for the testing of anaesthesia machines
  • Programs for 3 different companies for testing valves used in aircraft
  • Programs for 2 other companies for the testing of power supplies
  • Datalogging programs for 2 metal foundries
  • 2 programs for testing aircraft ejector seats
  • Vacuum-based process control for manufacture of coatings (over 20 programs, each for a different system)
  • Software for the grading of timber
  • Software for the accelerated testing of automotive components
  • Aircraft structural health monitoring software
  • Various programs for 2 large physics laboratories
  • A program for the high precision laser cleaving of optical fibres
  • A program for the analysis of rock samples by mass spectrometer
  • Furnace control software for the testing of building materials
  • Firearms noise measurement software
  • A program for testing electric fence energisers
  • Software for controlling a rocket shell cleaning system
  • An air filter testing program
  • Software for a clutch testing system
Other Completed Projects