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Multiple Fermenters – Control and Data Acquisition

Multiple Fermenters – Control and Data Acquisition

Completed project

Control and log data from up to 8 fermenters simultaneously


Electrolab manufactures fermenters for bioscience research.  Each fermenter contains up to 4 pumps, an agitator and various sensors, such as thermocouples, a pH sensor and dissolved oxygen meter.  Control and Data Acquisition Software written for Electrolab by a LiveWires LabView developer can control and log data from up to 8 fermenters simultaneously.

Data Aquisition

The program’s highly interactive main screen is shown above.  The tabs on the left determine which fermenter is being viewed, whereas the tabs on the right contain different functions of the program corresponding to that fermenter. 

For each fermenter, logging can be started, paused, resumed and stopped.  Also, alarm levels can be set, alarm history can be viewed, timestamped notes can be added and a timed sequence of setpoints for the various fermentation parameters can be compiled. 

The “Graph” button takes the user to another screen where data from up to 6 fermentations can be overlaid.

Multiple Fermenters – Control and Data Acquisition

Having made the decision to use LabVIEW, Automation Interfaces [LiveWires] was recommended to us as a possible programming source. Our requirements were for a visually pleasing, user-friendly and compact system for control and data logging of our equipment. Automation Interfaces [LiveWires] successfully achieved this for us demonstrating good understanding and obvious competence.