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Getting Better at What You Do in 2020


Getting Better at What You Do in 2020

Getting Better at What You Do in 2020

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We all need to come out of this pandemic stronger and better.  So now is a great time for thinking about how you can be more efficient and more focused.

It may be that your automation can be improved by making it more functional and less cumbersome.  Have a think about what you would like and then call us to discuss whether it is possible.  (The chances are it is!)

Getting Better at What You Do in 2020

One area worth considering is the configurability of your software.  It should be possible to put all sorts of options into your software so that it can work in a variety of different ways.  Here are some examples:

  • All sorts of settings can be made configurable – things like alarm limits, timeouts and COM port numbers for devices.
  • The sequence of operations that your software runs through can also be made configurable.  (This is what our Sequence Builder toolkit is all about.)
  • Even the hardware in your system can be configurable.  Recently, we have added the capability of monitoring 9 “peripheral” devices in systems manufactured by Electrolab Biotech.  The software allows any combination and any number of these devices to be used. They can also be added on a “plug and play basis” where the software detects when another device has been connected.