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Company News 2020


Company News 2020

Company News 2020

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From Working From Home to working for Universities, 2020 has certainly been one we will remember.

Company News 2020
  • For over 20 years, we have supported Electrolab Biotech with their fermentation manager software (which we wrote in 1999).  Recently, we have added the capability of monitoring a further 9 devices (temperature measurement, a biomass monitor, a spectrometer, a massflow meter etc).  The software allows any combination and any number of these devices to be used.  Configurability is often the best way forward! (3/7/2020)
  • We have current projects with 2 UK universities, with the likelihood of a third soon. (3/7/2020)
  • LabVIEW code can now be converted into a web page.  This is useful for certain applications where remote control is needed or where there is a non-Windows controller such as the Raspberry Pi, that does not support ordinary LabVIEW GUIs. (3/7/2020)
  • Tim Fellows has worked mostly from home since he started LiveWires Automation over 21 years ago, but he goes on site as and when required.  LiveWires is well-equipped to support you in a friendly, helpful and pain-free way. (2/6/2020)
  • We are currently starting some software development for the University of Nottingham.  We have also, in the last year, completed LabVIEW projects for companies in Leicester, Coventry, Manchester, Eastleigh, Aberdeenshire and York!  (13/3/2020)
  • Last year, we completed a program for testing of seats in coaches and minibuses. (13/3/2020)
  • We do a lot of remote working these days.  No problems with Coronavirus!  (13/3/2020)